Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inspire: Rebirth

Sorry about the late post.  I wasn't around a computer yesterday and forgot that I had the day off work. 

This Sunday is Easter.  I know it's a weird topic to talk about when we just had Ostara, but my family is Christian so I get both holidays.  Plus it means that my celebration of spring gets stretched out a couple weeks, yay!  And lots of nifty colored eggs.

Easter is about rebirth.  To me, it's about giving up something so that something can be reborn.  I celebrate the first buds on the trees and the return of life. It's a way to retouch with my family after the cold winter as the extended family often gets together.  It's one more step to spring.

What is being born again in your life?

1 comment:

  1. This year, I'm hoping that my inspiration is being reborn.

    I go through phases that make my craft obsessions wax and wane. But I have started to try and take my crafts into the "art" arena.

    I can tell that my passion for creating seems to be returning with the sunny days and daffodils. So that looks promising!