Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Extra! Noumenia Goals

Here is my list of Family goals for this last month:
1.  Make a schedule and stick to it. - I mostly followed this
2.  Exercise regularly - Epic Fail
3.  Give the child a chore list like he's been asking me to - Accomplished, but child forgot that he has it.
4.  Make sure we do homework/spelling tests - Almost accomplished.  He hasn't had many spelling tests since then

I've had a lot going on this month, which doesn't excuse my lack of meeting goals, but it contributed. Every time I felt like I could start on something, I got sick again, or my neck seized up. This month I took time during Noumenia to pray to Apollo to help me with my goals. So I should accomplish them this time, and I am making a smaller list.

New monthly family goals:
1. Exercise regularly - Does not have to be every day, but it needs to happen.
2. Make sure homework/spelling/assignments get done on time.

Here are last months personal goals:
1.  Work on poetry - Uhm... no.  I worked more on stories.
2.  Submit a piece of writing/poetry/craft - I submitted something on a forum.
3.  Work ahead on blogging/projects - I was on top of this until this week.
4.  Start planning crafts for holidays (I will not wait for the last minute this year!) - Yes!
5.  Keep up with housework - Mostly.

I think I'm going to skip monthly goals this time because I've already got too many things going on.  We will see how this month goes and check in next time the moon is new.


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