Friday, March 5, 2010

Create: A Maze of Choices

I kind of embroider.  I say 'kind of' because I rarely do so.  I've always got big plans on doing a big piece, but never get around to it.  The bag I'm currently using for work is a thrift store find.  It had a funky logo on front that, while cool, was totally not my style so I blacked it out.  But time and moisture has started fading the black.  I've thought about getting a patch and covering it, but once again, haven't gotten around to it.

I ran across this idea on The Anti-Craft! site and finally decided that it would be a great patch for my bag.

Yup, the one side didn't turn out straight, I think it happened when I ironed the backing on.  But I still think it looks nifty.  And it definitely has set me down the path of making a more intricate patch for my bag later.  I've already got a few designs in mind from Urban Threads.

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