Friday, May 7, 2010

Create: Heat Pads

Hello, all!  Happy Friday!

I'm always confused on what to get my mother for Mother's Day.  I like to make stuff, but it's hard to know what to make your mom.  And I have the sneakng suspicion that she doesn't actually use what I make her...  I'm working on a mesh hat, think snood, for her that she said she wanted this year, but I am about to run out of the yarn I was working with.  So I decided to make her a couple microwavable heat pads to either replace or go with her gift.  I'm also going to hit the thrift stores today or tomorrow.  I'm also making her a lunch/dinner which is going to be fantastic.  Or at least it is to me, I hope she and the rest of the family enjoy it.

Here are the heat pads.  You can find tutorials on how to make them online, like the one here.  I previously made one for myself for work when my neck was seriously cramping up.  I can't use them at home because I don't have a microwave.
I made two sizes so that they can be used for different purposes.  The apple fabric (I love that fabric) is actually taken from a set of curtains she never got around to finishing and I saved.  The apple fabric is an outer cover.  The inner bag is made from an old sheet and is full of rice.  I like to stitch a couple spots in the bag so that evens the rice out a bit.
Have a happy Mother's Day!

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