Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Extra! Noumenia Goals

Yup yup, I'm several days late with this post.  My goal last month of keeping up with rituals didn't work very well, as you can tell.  Saturday was Noumenia, the day on which you can see the first sliver of the waxing crescent moon.  For Hellenistic Pagans, it's part of three days of ritual. 

I reminded myself every day of that week that Noumenia was coming up, but once it was upon me, I mostly forgot.  In my defense, I spent most of my time out at the mural working on getting it finished.  Saturday I went directly from the mural to help out with my cousin's high school graduation.  Neither of which really gave time for thought.

I did manage to offer a quick prayer Saturday night, including a cry for help for the Gulf oil spill.  I don't normally ask for anything, but this seemed appropriate.  I have also started a morning ritual at work.  Before my first cup of tea, I pray to the God/Goddess/Elements to be present in the now.  Before breakfast, I pray to the Olympians, Hestia, and the Chthonic Persephone/Hades. 

This month I think I will focus again on following rituals and evolving my daily practice.

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