Monday, May 17, 2010

Inspire: Memories and Music

Sorry for the late post, guys, I was up way late last finishing up the mural.  And I didn't feel good this morning, so I stayed home.  I'm only in front of a computer because I had to come to town anyway.  :) 

I heard a wonderful song on the radio the other day and wrote down a couple lyrics... which I left at home.  I will have to edit this post tomorrow to add in the song, if I can find it in the wonders of the interwebs with the lyrics.  The song was about how our memories can be connected to music.  I know that there are several songs that call up a specific image, feeling, or memory. 

What songs call up memories in your mind?

Edit:  The song is Drinking Games, from Library Voices.
"There she goes again
mixing melody with a memory
she's got a song for everything
everywhere she's ever been, everyone she's pleased."

I found a video of it!

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