Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Inspire: Frugal Fun

Sorry, guys, for the late post.  For those of you who have followed my disaster of a car, you won't be too surprised when I say it broke again.  The transmission is doing the same thing I had it replaced a few months ago for, not going into third gear.  And it's a manual, so it's not like I can try to bypass it.  It's in the shop now, but if they tell me it's going to cost another arm and a leg, I think I will take the car back as is and just use it to scoot about town.  I'm ready to go without a car after all this hassle, I just have to move first.

This weeks theme is Frugality.  It's a pretty big catchword anymore.  Be frugal, do more with less, simplicity, save the environment, etc, etc.  But to me it's something that I've always had to do (since I'm always broke) but I've started taking control of it the past several months. 

I don't care much for conspicuous consumption, and I try really hard not to buy something because I think I need it or want it.  I've limited my craft supplies to buying something I can't make do without.  The same for clothes.  I hit the thrift stores first, then move on to the box stores.  I'm trying to plan out meals and budget things in.  And I'm doing pretty well, and getting some bills paid off!

So are you frugal?  Do you want to be frugal?  What steps do you take?

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