Friday, May 21, 2010

Create: Moving Inspiration

I found that wonderful song from Monday's post while driving in my car (which is now down again... grr... I hate mechanical things).  Luckily, I had stuck a matchbook notebook in my car and try to constantly keep a pen handy.  My son must have thought I was crazy to be writing and driving at the same time.  Yeah, I know, he was probably right but I forget lyrics immediately after hearing them.

So today's project is that wonderful little notebook!
I always use recycled goods when I make books.  So here I have a stack of recycled paper and a UPS envelope I received.  Cut your paper into the size you want it.  Mine ended up being a four and a half square there abouts.  Once you have your paper, you can measure and cut your cover. 
Here I added a half inch to each side, but that was too big.  I forgot I was halving the pile of paper I had.  Ooops.  Make sure to measure the height of your stack of paper and at it to both sides of your main measurement.  Then add a half inch to one end and take a quarter inch off the other side. 
Put your paper in place, fold over the smaller flap, and staple in place.  The one in my car is actually sewn instead of stapled.  For sewing, take small sections of paper, measure where you want the holes and poke through with a big needle.  Take the first sheet from your poked pile and place on top of your new pile to make sure the holes are the same.  Do the same for your cardboard backing.  Then sew through it. 

Fold the cover over and under the ledge left in the small flap.  Then you are done!


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