Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Extra! April Stash Bust

Well, well, the end of April came up and bit me.  I think that might be the quickest a month has moved, and that's saying something.  Time has been absolutely blowing by.  I haven't made too many things, but I made more than the previous month!  Here's a look at some of my projects.  Some might show up later as tutorials.

This pencil/pen holder is made out of frozen juice containers that I've been hoarding and yarn.  I had to make one for my son after this, but lower, so he could sort his change out.

This is a small bag with yarn scraps for the birds.  Made out of an old potato bag and filled with the scraps left over from sewing and yarn projects.

And, of course, my travel drive out of old pants, my flower of recycled envelopes, and candle 'lanterns' of old glass jars.

Happy crafting!

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