Friday, May 28, 2010

Create: Envelopes for Coupons

First off, yup, I've changed the layout and color scheme a bit (ahem, totally) since I was messing around with free backgrounds from the Background Fairy.   I am not currently using one because I'm not sure I like being stuck with some other logo up by my name.  We'll see.  I have been wanting to make a banner now I have motivation to work on that.

Second, Monday's post will be on Tuesday.  It's Memorial Day and I believe all the libraries are closed.

Third, do you use coupons?  I do randomly, when I find a great deal and happen to have the coupon with me.  It's really rare that I remember to take the rare coupon I found that I will actually use.  So I decided that I needed something other than my pocket to keep coupons in.  So tadaa!  Enter the coupon envelope book.

I found a fantastic pattern on how to make envelopes on Mirkwood Designs.  I need to remember to check that site more often.  I took old security envelopes I had received in the mail and used them for my little envelopes. 

Before I glued them together, I used codex binding to bind them to pieces of cardboard.  This one was from Koolaid drink pouches.  I'm kind of sad that I won't have any more of that cardboard since I started using reusable drink containers for Daemon's lunches.  Oh well. 

Once the book was in place, I glued them together and tadaa!  A book full of envelopes.

Enjoy your weekend!  And remember those who fought and died for Liberty.

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