Monday, May 10, 2010

Inspire: Geeking It Up

I am a geek, no doubt about it, and I have no problem saying and showing it.  For Mother's Day, my son decided that in his obsession with trading card games he would get me a pack of Bleach cards.  Bleach is an anime series.  I was quite happy with this set of cards.  Of course, my friend also took him to get me some very nifty earrings.  I am very lucky that I have always found friends who share my particular breed of geek, or at least have complimentary areas. 

I started thinking that even though I've always been a geek and therefore see the geekiness in the world around me, 'geek' is no longer a bad word.  In face, it has turned from being a label of social outcasts into mainstream.  At least, this is my geeky view.

Comic books are blockbuster movies, nerds are hit TV shows (and I'm not talking Beauty and the Geek, although I admit I did watch a season of that), and computer games are in.  We are raising our children in an era where it's cool to go home and play online.  Geek no longer seems to refer only to a person with few social skills well-versed in a type of subculture activity like card games, computers, science, anime, or roleplaying (another of my areas).  Now it seems as though the term encompasses anything that someone is deeply into.

So what do you geek?  What random thing sets you apart and makes you awesome?  How do you deal with that thing that isn't shared by everyone?  Have you ever been an outcast?

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