Friday, July 1, 2011

Create: A Dirty Place

This week has been a rough one.  I've had a bunch of stuff come due that I haven't been planning for.  I have three swaps due and two concerts this weekend.  I've known it's all happening, but I just haven't felt motivated to get it done.  Well, I've had a bad case of anxiety over a swap project and that's put a halt to the whole process.

I couldn't get my crocheted swim bag done for today, but I found something even better to make.

I've been planning on making some sort of bag to hold my napkins, tissues, and towels from the kitchen.  They have a tendency to pile somewhere and then I can't find them to wash them, and then I can't tell if they are clean or not.  This project from Cornflower Blue was exactly what I was looking for.  There's no sewing like I was planning, and I didn't even have to go buy supplies.  In addition, I get to use the really nifty pillow case that I haven't used in the bedroom because the colors clash. 
The colors are much, much brighter in real life.
All I had to do was attach a hook to my laundry room door, put a pillow case in an embroidery hoop that I don't use, and poof, I managed not only to round up all my little pieces of dirty laundry but I washed them too!  Fantastic!

If you use cloth napkins, how do you keep them all rounded up?

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