Friday, September 16, 2011

Create: Fabric Covered Box

My embroidery supplies for on the go have been nestled in a Staples container lately.  It fits nicely in my bag and has enough room for most projects and my thread thrown willy nilly in the box.  But I sigh every time I pull it out.  Here I am, a crafter, making a wonderful thing, and using an orange box that proclaims that someone somewhere used address labels.  Obviously, it was time to fix this.

I began by sanding down my box (because the internet tells you that paint adheres better to a slightly rough surface, right?  I figured I would try it.) and wiping it off.

Then we went outside and spray painted it silver and black.  I was going for a slightly astronomical approach using only my two colors.  It came out fairly well.  But after letting it dry, I did not like the feel or look of the box for my crafting needs.

So, I decided I'd throw some glue down and cover it with fabric.  I used pretty much the same technique I used on the books I recently did.  Modpodge the surface, apply fabric, and smooth. 

It looks much, much better than the spray paint.

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