Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Write: To Be Inspired

I'm a little bit in crafter/writer deadline hell right now.  I need to be in overdrive and I'm falling behind.  In fact, I felt so crappy this morning (sinus, stomach, headache oh my gosh) that I thought about posting a sick day.  But as I signed into Blogger, I noticed a post from a great blogger, Mythical Magpie, about how a comment of mine sent her off on a great new adventure.

Once I got done blushing about being called a 'hero blogger,' I felt energized and ready to tackle all my deadlines.  And ready to go find a pen pal.

It's amazing how just one little thing can inspire the synapses to spark and create new ideas, new energy, and get you back where you need to go.  So today, go out and keep your ears and eyes open for that one little thing that can inspire you.  Think up a history for your pen, or think about what your keyboard would really like to be doing.  Where did that piece of trash come from?  (Go pick it up and throw it away!)  Use it in a story, a blog post, a conversation starter.

Go get it done.

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