Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Write: The Write Words

When writing, I often get bogged down on knowing the right words.  I want it to be perfect the first time out and so I'll get blocked on how to word something.  I'm trying to overcome this, but it takes some work.

A lot of the resources I've read (blogs, articles, books) say to just write it out and go back later to get the right words.  Over time, I've realized just how right they are.  If I have a story idea, stopping to figure out how to say a sentence breaks up my flow of words and then I can no longer remember the rest of the story.  I get bogged down on the right wording of how a character looks or the correct name for a specific item in the scenery. 

In my morning routine, a half hour of work will sometimes boil down to one paragraph because I get caught up in the thinking instead of writing.  Now that I've recognized my problem, I need to separate my editor from my writer and just let it go.

Do you get sucked into the editing spiral while writing?  How do you keep it separate?

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