Monday, September 19, 2011

Inspire: Conversations over Dinner

The kiddo and I have some interesting conversations.  Especially when he is grounded from TV and has no other option but to talk to me.  Mwahaha ahem. 

Recently, he watched the Disney movie Hercules in school.  Why?  We aren't exactly sure.  But it was his favorite part of the school day.  Me being me, and the kiddo being the kiddo, I had to ask if he shouted out any inaccuracies about the movie.  He didn't, mostly, but he really wanted to!  Ah, my kiddo, he takes after me so much.

So began a conversation about Hercules' twelve labors that he had to do because he killed his family.  Then the thought came to me....  Hercules was on probation.  He became famous because he was sentenced to community service.  How odd is that?  And so we pulled out the myth books and read up on old Heracles to find out that he was a repeat offender and hadn't gotten the message the first time around.  The second probation lasted a much shorter period of time, and he didn't even write home!

The kiddo thought this would be a great story idea and I have to agree. 

See what can happen when you sit down and talk?


  1. So much fun! I love that you guys knew all that about Hercules. If it wasn't so late I would totally read up in it.

  2. We're a little bit nerdy about our mythology. It helps to have multiple books on hand.