Friday, May 20, 2011

Create: What does a Princess need? Cat Ears!

My sister is definitely not a fainting princess.  And being my sister, she loves anime - more than I did at that age!  Then again, I was stuck with Tenchi and Ranma 1/2.  She has things like Bleach and InuYasha.  It goes without saying that my sister is in love with a demon animated character. 

What does an anime loving teenager need more than anything else?  Cat ears!

My sister's birthday is on Wednesday, she turns 17.  Can you believe that?  At some point I'll have to stop thinking of her as a little kiddo.  I have a habit of creating at least one item, if not all, of her birthday gift.  I decided that I'd make her cat ears.  I found this tutorial and found it worked pretty well.  I think I might make some other ones this weekend with different material.

For this, I wrapped ribbon around the metal headband to make it match the color of the ears and look like more than a metal band.  My new friend the hot glue gun helped.  I seriously don't know how I crafted without him before.

Then I added the ears, twisted it oddly, and folded over the bottom and glued that to the band.  I think she'll like them.  And if not, I have my halloween costume picked out. :)

Have a great weekend!

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