Sunday, February 21, 2010

Extra! Noumenia Goals and Finishing Touches

I forgot to post my list of monthly goals on Noumenia this year.  Noumenia is a monthly Hellenic (Greek) Pagan/Reconstructionist festival.  It is celebrated not on the new moon, but the night after, when the first sliver of moon is visible.  It is a time to plan ahead for the month to come and to give honor to the household gods.  For more information, go to the Hellenion site.

I've been meaning to start following festivals more closely for a couple months and finally got to it this time.  Here is my list of Family goals for this next month:
1.  Make a schedule and stick to it.
2.  Exercise regulary
3.  Give the child a chore list like he's been asking me to
4.  Make sure we do homework/spelling tests

Here are my personal goals:
1.  Work on poetry
2.  Submit a piece of writing/poetry/craft
3.  Work ahead on blogging/projects
4.  Start planning crafts for holidays (I will not wait for the last minute this year!)
5.  Keep up with housework


I finished the Raven!  Yay me!  I changed his beak and I think he looks a lot better as well.  I'm totally not up to writing the pattern, though.  That may have to be a later post.


Whatcha think?

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