Monday, February 22, 2010

Inspire: Cabin Fever

Here in Iowa, we are breaking the record every day for the longest amount of time spent with five inches of snow or more on the ground.  We are also making our way into the top ten snowiest years list.  Every week we seem to get an epic snow storm with blizzard conditions and ice covered roads.  The only saving grace is that the sun is up longer each and every day.  I get to go to work and come home when there is light outside now!

But every time the meteorologist says "More snow," every one here groans and says they beyond tired of the cold white stuff.  The fact that spring is so close but so very very far away only makes it worse.  As does the foregone conclusion that we will see spring flooding.  The only question is how much and how badly is it going to affect the farmers.  Last year we had a one-hundred or five-hundred year flood that evacuated my office building several weeks before I got hired.  I'm hoping we don't have to do the same this year.

What all of this does is cause a person to go slightly crazy, as I'm sure you all have heard about cabin fever.  No, not the movie.  The built up tension that comes from having to be stuck inside.  I'm lucky this year in that I do get to go out quite a bit.  I think I'm overscheduling... But I am beyond tired of the weather and full of longing for a glimpse of grass.  Maybe that's why I keep signing up for stuff.  Hmm...

Are you suffering from the winter madness?
What do you do to keep from going crazy?
What signs of spring are you longing to see?
What signs do you see that keep you sane?

Here's to a moderately fast return of spring!

 (Find something special in the picture!  It just might keep you sane!)

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