Monday, February 1, 2010

Write: Self, Community, World

Today's post isn't really a writing exercise or piece of writing.  It's more about taking the time to look within yourself and discover three things you want to accomplish this year.  I read about this in one of my books and I cannot figure out which one it was now.  I also can't find where I wrote down my list...

Anyway, the exercise is this.  Write down a goal that you want to accomplish this year in three areas: Self/Home, Community, World.  What can you do to better these areas in your life?  How can you help in these areas?

I made a list last year and I've accomplished my goals for this year, so I am impressed with myself.  Let's see what I need this year...

Self:  Have confidence and pride in my work and my self.
Community:  Step up into a more active leadership role.
World: Stick to my values and ideals on corporations/society, no matter how hard it may be.

What changes are you going to be in the new year?

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