Friday, February 5, 2010

Special: Hugs and Hearts!

And... another change to the schedule.  Rather than going Friday-Monday-Wednesday on a theme, we're going to go with Monday-Wednesday-Friday.  So today to get us on the right track, I'm posting my valentine cards!


This weekend my art group is going to be making valentine's for a nursing home, but these are for family.  I'm also going to print off cards and make bookmarks for my son instead of buying them this year.  But I don't have a picture of them yet as they aren't done.

Last year I was in a relationship at this time and I barely even thought about V-day.  This year and I'm excited to make pretty cards and things for random people.  Maybe it just says how much happier I am.


So this V-day, be your own valentine and make sure that you love yourself first!

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