Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Write: Indulge and Sacrifice

The true meaning of Mardi Gras is mostly lost in modern culture.  Growing up I just thought it was a big party.  There is a (religious) meaning behind it, and a frugal reason.  If you aren't supposed to eat a bunch of food for the next forty days, you might as well use it up before it goes bad, right?

This writing exercise is to explore your thoughts behind indulgence and sacrifice.  What do you think you could give up and do without?  What do you indulge in?  Do you think you should live without it?

Mine is a bit different.  I got caught in the funny line between 'we are giving this up because we should be pious and walk the line.... but first we're going to party so we can live without it for awhile.'


Tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow I am going to start living again.  I'm saying good-bye to my bad habits and hello to a bright new future.  No longer will I live in the grasp of those things that are no good for me.  I will prove myself by living without them!

Tomorrow is a start of a new adventure, I tell you.  Tonight is the last night I will drink myself to sleep.  Tonight is the last night I will ply the devil with nicotine.  Tomorrow I play with the angels and their harps.  Clean living, I tell you, that's how to be.

Tomorrow is the rest of my life.  Tomorrow I won't pollute my body with trash.  I will survive on rabbit food instead of greasy spoons.  I will exercise every minute of every day, just let me sit here tonight. 

Tonight the bodies are eager and sinful.  Tomorrow they will be frugal saints.  But for tonight, oh tonight, tonight we will live it up until the morning comes.  A man can change on a dime, can't he?

I know that I shouldn't be drinking and smoking and sinning, but since I'm giving it up, I'm cool tonight.  Gotta party as hard as I can, get it out of my system, right?  Tomorrow is a bright new day.

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