Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Write: Commercial Spot

I think I'm officially suffering from Cabin Fever now.  I went from "I'm not doing swaps for a long time" to signing up for two at the same time... Granted, I'm hope hope hoping to be done with one before signups are completed on the other.  But gah!  Talk about over-scheduling.  I have a bunch of other stuff to get done too.

Today's exercise is to just let go.  Let whatever you want to say out.  It could be about the weather, about longing for summer, it could be about running through the streets naked.

My writing is brought to you by a man with shiny teeth. :)

Are you suffering from cabin fever?  Do you feel like running through the streets screaming?  Does spring seem like a pipe dream?  Never fear, dear readers!  I am here to save you from bloodied foreheads and broken walls.  Trust me with your sanity!  I will keep you occupied and safely inside.

Forget about the ice thick on your windows, don't notice the snowmen on your roof.  Consult your pineal gland and have a ball!  You can stay safe and sound inside.  We will sing and dance and stay toasty warm.  All you need is this book of matches, that trashcan, and a recycled stack of paper.

Now you're on fire!

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