Friday, July 9, 2010

Create: Bring the Constellations Inside

In my move, I finally got around to hanging up a poster of my sons.  It came with one of his books and shows the two hemispheres of constellations.  Unfortunately, I don't think they do a good job of it.  They haven't used the most common lines between the stars and they cut them weirdly.  For instance, only the top half of Orion is in the North.  The bottom half of Orion is in the South (where it all should technically be) without a label.

I used to be an astronomy nerd, so this bothers me.  My Earth Science teacher let me sleep through the astronomy section of class because he knew I knew everything.  He had helped us learn it all the previous year for Science Olympiad. 

So I have been on a hunt to show my son what the real sky looks like.  He's interested, and upset because I'm upset that the poster isn't right.  And I fully believe that he should be able to pick out at least the major constellations.

Which leads us to today's craft:  Pinprick constellation charts. 
I learned this trick in elementary school for making pretty pictures hanging in the window using the light to show the design.  Draw your design (constellation) on the paper, and use something sharp to poke holes in the design (stars) so that the light will shine through and you can see the design. 

Normally, you use black construction paper so that only the light design is seen.  I didn't have any and I figure that this way, he can learn two ways at once.

Happy crafting!

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