Friday, July 16, 2010

Create: Washclothes for the Oil Spill

I'm guilty, I haven't been checking the Craft Hope site as much as I should.  I checked it at the end of June (when I thought the due date was...) and found out that it is the end of August.  Since then, I haven't been working as much as I'd like to on crocheting washclothes. I still did make several, which is good for me given my moving and lack of motivation for doing anything.

But!  I did talk to our fibers group and have collected a number of towels from members.  I'm also going to be thrifting some towels this weekend and cutting them up for cloths. 

The design for the cut up towels is pretty easy.  Cut a square of fabric and zigzag around the edge.  My crochet cloths are pretty easy too.  With a G hook, chain 30, turn and chain one, then sc in each chain.  Turn and repeat until you have a square.

It sounds like Craft Hope have so many donations now that they aren't sure where they are going to get the money to deliver them.  I'm so excited that there has been such a fantastic response to this project.  I'm only disappointed that it is in response to such a huge disaster.

Edit:  Hah!  They DID move the deadline.  It wasn't just my bad memory.

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