Friday, July 2, 2010

Create: A Jar and the Sun

This time of year is one filled with bbqs, picnics, and outside fun.  All of which I have yet to do... hopefully this weekend!  One of my favorite things is sun tea - no matter whether it's winter or summer.  Unfortunately, I have a problem with the commercial sun tea jars.  They always develop a leak and then I can't use them anymore.  I for one, do not want water or tea leaking all over my fridge.  I tossed (I know, I'm horrible!) my old one when moving since it had just developed the leak.

When moving, I grabbed a glass bottle of tea from a convenience store (I know, horrible, right?  But it was glass and I was really thirsty.)  I hate buying tea from stores because it's so easy to make at home... unless you don't have a jar!  But I discovered a few days later is that any jar can be a sun tea jar.  I'm sure others already knew this, but I'm slow.

Tadaa!  Conveniently sized take-along sun tea.  I also found a use for the half gallon glass milk jug I've been holding onto since my ex-boyfriend brought it home.  The commercial sun tea jars are just a little bit too much.  Towards the end it always gets murky and icky, but the half gallon size is just perfect.
Now I just have to create a cozy bag for the half gallon jar to take it to events with me.

Happy crafting!

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