Monday, July 19, 2010

Inspire: In the Path of Destruction

Summer time here in Iowa is normally hot, extremely humid, and stormy.  We aren't quite in 'Tornado Alley' but we are close.  Half the time in summer we pray for rain to ease the ache of the humidity.  The other half is spent hoping the storm isn't a tornado.

When I woke on Sunday morning, my son complained of the cable being out.  Sometimes the cable in the back comes loose.  It wasn't that, so I figured that the storm that came through must have damaged something.  A quick glance out our living room windows showed just a few branches down.  Then my mom called and said that the opening between my building and the next was covered with downed tree.

I went outside and the neighbors fence was broken when a tree fell, luckily it just barely scrapped his house.  Unfortunately, it also pulled the wires out of the house and broke the utility pole next to it.  Luckily our power was restored by the time I woke up.

The news says there were 70 mph winds and lots of people were without power because of the trees.

This sort of destruction brings a wake up call to some people, that storms aren't just inconveniences, they are forces of nature.  And nature isn't always fuzzy squirrels and pretty leaves.  It's a wild, uncontrolled, force answerable to absolutely no one.

But one of the differences between natural destruction and human destruction is that natural destruction normally clears the way for new growth.  By clearing away the old, it leaves room for the new to grow strong in the sunlight.

What do you have to tear down so you can rebuild?

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