Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Extra! Noumenia, A New Month

Welcome back, Moon!

Noumenia marks the day where the first sliver of the waxing crescent moon can be seen after the new moon.  To Hellenists, this is the day to honor the household gods and spirits of the house.  To this blog, it is a day to reflect on the previous month and make goals for the next.

This month I'm starting something a little different.  This blog was started as a way to keep myself organized with my ideas and creativity.  So I am going to try to use the Noumenia post as a way to keep myself organized with different life habits.

I come across so many different things I think I should do, so many groups to join, so many different causes to champion and take part in.  I get confused and forget about half of them.  I get frustrated that I goofed up or forgot the date for something.

So join me on my journey to change.  Feel free to send me things I haven't seen or information on what you are doing.

Meatless Monday:  This past month I have decided to try the Meatless Mondays as I have already been trying to do one meatless meal a week.  I mostly succeeded in the two weeks I've been doing this.  I decided I didn't want to blog every Monday about what I was cooking as my dinner plans can change as soon as I get home so it's hard to know in the morning what the plan is.

6/28/10 - Cereal and Nutella Toast, Egg salad bagel and salad/mac 'n cheese for the kiddo, and Grilled cheese and fries.
07/05/10->07/06/10 - Switched to Tuesday because Sunday plans became Monday plans.  Almonds and a muffin, Chinese restaurant for lunch (some meat but I felt bad so I stuck with veggies the rest of the time), black bean burritos with roasted veggies and salad.
07/12/10 - Bagel with honey cream cheese, veggie burrito (that turned into a salad), cheese pizza which I added fresh veggies too.

No Plastic:  Inspired by The Chestnut House, the Save My Oceans challenge and videos, and my own sense of using too much plastic, I have decided to try seriously to cut back on my plastic habit.  I already try.  For instance, I try to use reusable bags, I use tupperware and cloth napkins, and I wash and reuse the ziploc bags I have.  But yet I put my trash in a plastic bag.  I buy condiments in plastic containers.  So while I don't think I can live without plastic just yet, I'm trying to make an effort to cut down my consumption.

My son helped me with this already.  He's excited about the challenge and depressed that so much plastic does get used.  (He's really upset about the oil spill and that plastic comes from oil.)  I was looking for a new salad dressing, trying to be adventurous and branch out from my norm.  I picked up one and then he said something about there being glass jars of dressing.  So we got one of those.

On another shopping trip I had decided on a peanut butter, was getting ready to put it in my cart, and noticed that there was a glass jar for a dollar more.  I immediately switched out the peanut butter in my hand for the glass one.  I think a dollar more isn't too bad a price for the jar.  Plus, it's more useful to me later when it's empty.

Day Tasks:  I went through and listed the things I wanted to accomplish each week and then assigned them to a day.  I have done this in the past and it's worked pretty well to be able to focus on one thing and know that I will work on something else another day.  It gives me time to be able to focus on multiple things without them getting in each other's way.  I only make up this new list at the end of last week, so I haven't really been working on it yet.  It starts yesterday!

There are a couple more things that I think I might work on or add to this month post, like being active in the Neokoroi, joining Hellenion or a local group, the Compact, or even working on getting writing sent out to publications.  But I think I rambled on enough in this post!

What are your goals for the coming month?

Oh.  And today is my birthday!

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