Friday, September 24, 2010

Create: Carry an Acorn

Before my kiddo broke his foot, he had a habit of bringing home pockets full of acorns.  At least they are better than the playground pebbles he used to bring home when he was little.  This year's acorns are really big.  Granted, I think they are probably normal size, but they look big to me.  We found some earlier this year that had barely grown out of their caps.

Given this crop of acorns and the fact that the kiddo wanted one to carry around like a good luck charm, I stumbled on to this wonderful pattern from Resurrection Fern.  It's a crochet covered acorn!  Oh my goodness! Now the kiddo can carry his good luck around his neck.

It's actually been great for me.  I got to finally break into the box of crochet thread my great-grandmother gave me but I've been too chicken to do anything with.  How she ever made table cloths out of that stuff is beyond me.  I have problems finishing a scarf in regular yarn. 

But I've realized that it isn't that much harder and doesn't take that much more time to work with the thread.

I did have to change the pattern around a bit.  I'm not sure if I used a different thickness of thread, a bigger acorn, or if I just could figure out how to start the pattern.  Whatever it was, it just made a jumble out of the first couple rows.

So I increased the base row to ten and did it as a magic circle.  From there, the next row was 2sc in one sc, sc, repeat around.  That made it big enough to start my plain rows of sc. 

Have a great weekend!

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