Friday, September 10, 2010

Create: It's On Me

My jewelry choices are normally pretty plain.  They are small, typically glass and cord.  Every once in awhile I wear something on a chain or something that sparkles.  Although, lately my lack of sparkle has been put aside for my bangles - very thin, mostly antique or vintage, bands of silver.  They don't sparkle so much as tinkle.

And so my craft this week for going out of bounds is this lovely necklace and bracelet set.

Why is this stepping out for me?  Lots of colors, lots of randomness as nothing in it is uniform. 

It actually reminds me of a lot of the popular jewelry right now or in the recent past.  But mine is all glass.  Even the seed beads are glass.  I guess my way of reminding myself to be out of bounds is a symbol of what's popular in the mainstream?

But being out of bounds isn't just out of society's bounds.  It's about breaking yoru own bounds so you can achieve what you truly want.

This jewelry reminds me that I don't have to hide, that I can stand up and say whatever I feel like saying.

Have a great weekend!

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