Friday, September 10, 2010

Extra! Noumenia, A New Month

Welcome to another new month, dear readers!  The moon is growing and visible again.  And it's time to go over goals achieved and make new ones for the coming month.

Am I a slacker?  Yes, I am. 

Daily tasks/goals:  I am still not completely following my schedule.  I will make an effort to this month or at least rework them so that they can fit.  I tend to currently do about half a week, then I forget about them.

No Plastic:  I am at about the same point I was last month.  I did some back sliding when I ran out of syrup and forgot to buy new when I went grocery shopping.  So I had to run to the store quickly and the store I went to didn't have glass bottles.

Meatless Mondays:  Uhm...  Yeah, it didn't happen this month.  I haven't been making any sort of dinner planning lately.  As I stated, I want to have at least one meal a week without meat, instead of definitely being Monday, but I'm still stuck in the 'oh, I don't have to do that on Monday' attitude which translates to doing nothing.  Bah.

My goal for next month?  To have my living room unpacked.

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