Monday, September 13, 2010

Inspire: Peace Begins with a Smile

September 11th, in addition to it's other anniversary, was the first day of the 11 Days of Global Unity here in Ames.  As such, I feel it is a perfect time to share with you my fortune cookie wisdom:

Peace begins with a smile.

Yes, this is an actual fortune cookie fortune.  And it is our inspiration for this week. 

Awhile ago (several years but I can't remember how many), I decided that no one smiles at each other anymore.  When you walk down a hallway, everyone has their heads down and no one bothers to see the other human beings in the area.  But every once in awhile, some random stranger would do something nice, like open the door or say hi or smile at me as I passed by. 

And you know what?  It felt good to make that random connection.

So I decided to start doing it as well. 

I've always kind of considered it to be going back to tradition and the 'olden days' but it could be my punk side trying to do something different. 

Whatever it is, it feels good and peaceful to smile at a random stranger who may be having a bad day.  It feels even better when they smile back at you.  I know I've been brought out of crappy moods by a random smile.  It is great to be able to return the favor.

After all, it isn't the big things that bring about peace, it's the small thoughts and actions.

Go smile at someone today.

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