Friday, November 19, 2010

Mused: Family Cranberry Recipe

So... I said I would share this recipe with you.  I have to admit, it's not really a recipe.  And I haven't made it this year so I can't share a picture with you.  But this is one of my absolutely favorite parts of Thanksgiving. 

My great-grandmother used to make this recipe every year but unfortunately can no longer make it.  Fortunately, she is 93 and still kicking.  But she taught me how to make it and she taught some other family members, so we will continue to have cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving.  I've often wondered why I don't make it at other times, but I think it's just something about the holiday.

Keep in mind that this sounds disgusting, but it's actually really yummy.  And it's not really a sauce.

Cranberry Sauce:
2 cans whole cranberry sauce (you could use the jelly stuff, but I can't stand it)
1 container whip cream
1 sleeve crackers

1.  Mash up your crackers into crumbs.  You could buy cracker crumbs already mashed or bread crumbs, but make sure you add some salt to the bread crumbs.

2.  Layer your goods.  Put a layer of cranberries on the bottom of your dish.  I typically use a clear mixing bowl, but I've used tupperware as well.  On top of the cranberries, sprinkle enough cracker crumbs so that they cover the cranberries.  On top of the cracker crumbs, put down a layer of whip cream.  Repeat.

The thickness of the layers is up to you, but I do a little more whip cream than cranberries and it works out well. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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