Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Musing: Poetry Fill In

Well, boys and girls, it is NaNoWriMo time and I feel like I am cheating myself when I write something not related to my novel already.  So today (and probably the rest of the month) I will be scouring my notebooks for poems to share with you.  I don't think I'm going to be writing any poetry this month either unless I get ahead of my word count goal.  I've got some craft projects to do too and have to fit the time in somewhere.

I thought I was on track last night as I averaged out my six pages a day.  Unfortunately, after actually counting the number of words, I'm a bit behind the average and I didn't write as much this morning.  But I have things planned every day this week.  And I have to work through lunch.  Next week I hope to be able to kick out more than the average to make up the slack.

For all my moaning about it, though, I am really enjoying and finding it pretty easy to just sit down and write.  Some of it will probably be trashed and some of it will be added to, but I like just getting the story out of my head and onto paper.

I hope you are enjoying NaNoWriMo!

The waning crescent
falls toward oblivion
the end of the silver light
every month, the death of it all
Nights in darkness
broken only by the
faint star light
But yet, when darkness reigns
a sliver is born again.

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