Saturday, May 28, 2011

Create: An Arsenal

By now, dear readers, you should remember that I have a wonderful son running around my house.  As he was growing up, I thought I could take the high road and keep him from playing with guns and pretending to kill things.  That didn't last for very long and now, at the age of eleven, he has a whole arsenal of nerf guns, swords, and crossbows. 

Being a boy (and a child in general), his room is a mess.  Being a Magic: the Gathering player, the carpet in his room is typically Magic cards.  I've recently introduced the notion that if you don't take care of your cards, you don't get any more.  That has cleaned up the cards, but the weapons tend to stay scattered. 

How do you manage to keep weapons picked up when they are odd shapes?  You make an arsenal.

I just bought this wire shelving as a place for him to keep baskets of toys and other bits and pieces scattered across his room.  I picked this wire shelving because it allowed me to put hooks through it.  On the hooks hang the the guns.

The kiddo is spending the weekend picking up his room and making it look nice.  I think that just having the guns hanging up makes a big difference in his room. 

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