Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Write: The Jewel Heist

Jasmine grinned as the rent-a-cops came around the corner.  She gave them the finger and took off running.  Flashlights flickered over the exhibit, but she was already gone.  Jasmine ducked into a service stairwell and climbed up to the roof.  Heavy feet tromped after her, but she had a head start and knew where she was going.

She hit the door to the roof at a run and let it clang against the wall.  Her steps barely slowed on the slippery gravel roof and she threw herself into the open door of the helicopter.  Jared slammed it shut behind her and in moments they were air-born.  The shouts of the guards behind her faded away in the hum from the helicopter blades.

Jared slammed a pair of ear phones on her head and dragged her into a seat.  "Did you get it?"

Jasmine laughed and nodded, still catching her breath.  She dug into her bag and pulled out a cloth pouch.  Inside it was nestled a glowing ruby the size of her fist.  Every facet of the jewel was carved with arcane symbols that twisted in it's own light.  "Of course I got it.  Now let's go set the Master free."

The other two grinned with relief as the helicopter headed north.

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