Friday, May 13, 2011

Create: Keeping up with the Plastic

Whew.  Finally got INTO Blogger.  It was down all morning.  This late post isn't, finally, not my fault. ;)

In my quest to reduce the amount of plastic and individual use items I throw away, I decided to finally make a plastic bag dryer.  I had a great one in my last apartment, made of skewers sticking out of a clay base.  But it broke somewhere or we stopped using plastic bags, I can't remember, but it didn't make the move with us.

I have been using the edges on my dish drainer to stick my bags on, the prongs where I assume you are supposed to put cups.  However, in an effort to declutter my kitchen, I took the drainer off my counter.  Hopefully it will force me to dry and put away my dishes immediately rather than letting them sit there forever.  But the change left me without a place to put my bags!

I thought I would make another clay based stand or some other intricate contraption I could share with you.  Then I started poking around on the internet and realized I was trying to complicate the thing.  Why not just grab a jar, fill it with rocks, and put in my sticks?

I guess I have to complicate it somehow, so I pulled out my glue gun and hemp to make the jar pretty. I had used the same technique on cans used in my craft fair stand last November.

I laid down a line of glue and stuck my thick hemp right on the jar.  Following the line, I glued and wrapped the cord around four or five times.
It turned out well, but I think I might go back this weekend and trade out the glass jar for a can again.  But if I do that, you can't see the pretty rocks I put in it!

It felt good to have a reason to use those.  They've only moved a couple times with me...

At last, I have a dedicated dryer for my bags.  I have no reason not to wash them now, and I can stick the thing in a corner when I'm not using it.

Have a great weekend!

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