Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Write: The Van to Hell

"He's late."

"He is always late, Rocky.  He will be here."  Lily glanced at the demon in the driver's seat and continued to watch the road.  Her hands were deep in her coat pockets as she contemplated the morning traffic past the parking lot.

Rocky sighed at her indifference and slumped further down in the drivers seat.  He glared at the succubus for a moment, but it wasn't the thin blondes fault his morning was going crappy.  Anxious fingers danced over the steering wheel of the parked car as he went back to scanning the light at the corner.  "If he's not here in five minutes, we're driving ourselves."

Lily just blinked blue eyes at Rocky, slightly smiling at his impatience.  He frowned at her and folded his arms over his chest, causing his suit jacket to strain at the shoulders.  "At least we have enough time once we get dropped off that we won't be late.  Some of the others aren't so lucky."  Lily nodded out the window to a demon chewing on his tail between glances at his watch.

Lily had been riding the vanpool to work for over two years.  It was much better than driving the long distance out of town every day herself.  She had driven for a month after getting her job and the commute almost killed her.  An extra ten minutes waiting for their seasoned driver was an annoyance, but much better than the alternative.

Rocky had been riding just a little longer than Lily and still got agitated about the time.  He was only thirty years old but hoarded his time like an old man.  His short brown hair reflected his no nonsense style.  Lily wasn't sure he even had to brush the short strands.

"Finally."  Rocky sighed with relief and checked the clock as he saw the fifteen passenger van pull up to the stop light.  6:54 am.  The van was four minutes late.  Rocky climbed out and pulled his bag from the backseat.  On the passenger side, Lily did the same, adjusting the fall of her knee length coat and skirt.

The van pulled up in a flash of garish colors.  Hell Express was written across the side in flaming letters. 

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