Monday, May 2, 2011

Inspire: A Story A Day Keeps the Crazy Away

Yesterday was the first day in the Story A Day Challenge.  The challenge?  To write a story a day, complete and done, every day in May.  It's like a short story version of NaNoWriMo.

Yesterday I finished off a flash fiction piece.  Today, I haven't written yet since I am driving myself into work.  It's only the second day and I feel I might be overwhelmed.  But then I remind myself, I've done it before.  I've written thousands of words per day when I wrote for NaNoWriMo.  This month, however, I don't want to push everything aside to write every day.  So I may end up with a lot of flash fiction.  That's fine to me, as they are short little snippets that I can always expand on in the future.

Why am I going to do Story A Day?  Because I need goals.  I want to write some short stories that don't always have to evolve into a longer one.  Every time I get an idea, I think wow, I could turn that into a novel!  It doesn't leave me anything short and sweet to submit to a magazine or publication.  It doesn't give me other ideas to explore when my longer pieces have me at my wits end.

Will I be writing a story a day?  Probably not.  I plan on workday pieces and maybe one longer piece on the weekends.  I'm hoping this will keep me from sitting on the couch watching tv every night.  (Netflix is evil). 

I'm excited to get to try out new ideas, new ways of writing, and new points of views.  This month I'm going to experiment and not kick myself if I don't write something good.

Welcome to May!

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