Friday, July 15, 2011

Create: A Patio Garden

Sometimes I tend to over research things.  I get so caught up in the details that I defeat myself before I even begin - I don't have that tool, I don't have the skill, I can't keep track of all that!  Sometimes, I just go do things.
Cucumber, Jerusalem Artichoke, and Peas
Once I planted my garden and things started to grow, I realized that my cucumber and peas needed something to climb.  I tried just sticking a branch with lots of offshoots in the peas for it to climb, but the wind liked to twist it and I lost one of my peas that way.
With the cucumbers, though, I knew I needed something more sturdy.  A quick look through my yard yielded many fallen branches perfect for making a teepee. 

Since my container was square, I found four straight long branches and pushed them into the corners.  I tied them together at the top with yarn.  Then I took four smaller branches and tied them horizontally to the support branches.  I tied the two opposite sides and then put the last two on top of that.  Then I moved upwards and repeated that process.  I ended up with a teepee with two levels far enough apart I could still get my hand, and watering can, inside. 

I'm hoping that my patio tomato doesn't need a cage, but we'll see.  I'm not sure I can make one of those!

Did you put in a garden this year?  What do you use to support your plants?


  1. I never called you yesterday :( I will bring everything out to you when I get back. The garden looks great!

  2. Thanks! My car is still in the shop, so it's alright. Hopefully, it will be done today.