Monday, July 11, 2011

Inspire: It's a Garden Thing

The Oath I made this year was to finally plant a garden.  I've been buzzing about it for the past couple of years and it was one of those things that just never happened.  This year, however, it did.  I grabbed a bunch of plastic buckets and made myself a garden.

It's not very big, but it works just fine for me as a starter garden.  The kiddo is getting excited about it, and I now know more for next year.  Next year we might get a community plot and actually put stuff in the ground - but then we would have to remember to go over there.  With it outside my house, I can check on it when I get home every night.

We currently have a couple of small tomatoes ripening, a couple spring peas we've already eaten, and cucumbers getting ready to fruit.  My peppers don't have any growing yet, but I planted them later than everything else. My spinach and radishes failed, but my lettuce and sage are growing well.

It's a joy coming home and seeing those things.  I love just running my hand over my dwarf basil and trying to train the cucumber vine to it's cage.  It's amazing to see a tomato come from a flower. 

Are you growing anything this year?

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