Friday, July 29, 2011

Create: Clipboard Notes

My life is hectic, or at least it seems that way when things aren't organized.  I have a full time job that pays, two part time 'jobs' that don't pay, and other assorted groups and responsibilities.  All of them have due dates and things that need to get done.  I can make list after list, but something will probably get lost in the shuffle.

I decided that rather than making one list that could easily get lost or could forget a group/due date, I'd make a list for each.  But where would I put them?  A single piece of paper in my house becomes a needle in a haystack.  Four?  No way would I ever find that.  Instead, I made a clipboard with a bunch of paper dedicated to each realm in my life.

During a previous project, I glued two sheets of cardboard together.  I still had some of that left so it became my base.  If you are gluing cardboard, I've found it best to set them so that the support line thingies running inside of it are perpendicular to each other.  You know how cardboard boxes are easy to fold one way and harder the other?  How they have little support slat things in them?  That's what I'm talking about.  Once you glue your sheets together, put them under something heavy and wait for them to dry.

Since I have a fascination for half sheets of paper, I used that size for my notebooks.  Measure your paper and add however much ease you want on each side.  My paper 5.5" so I cut my cardboard to 6" wide.  Luckily the piece of cardboard I was working with was a great height with a two inch or so ease at the bottom so I didn't have to measure it.  Do the same thing you did with the width and add a couple extra inches to the bottom of your measurement.  This gives you space to write what the clipboard is for.

Once your boards are cut out, (I used an exacto knife and didn't cut myself, yay!) pile up your paper and secure it with a binder clip.  Now where to put them?

Mine are hung under my white board with thumbtacks.  I used medium size binder clips because the top loops are perfect to go over the tacks. 

Now I when I am thinking of one particular responsibility, I can jot down my deadlines and compare them with the rest.  Yay, organization!

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