Friday, July 8, 2011

Create: Picnic Party

My birthday party is on Saturday.  My actual birthday isn't until next week, but it's hard to gather friends together in the middle of the week.  I almost never throw myself a party because I feel all self-conscious about gathering people together who might feel obligated to give me things.  Except family. :)  But I've been wanting to do some sort of a tea party for a long time now, and what better reason to have one than my birthday?

I tend to plan and then procrastinate (as you can tell by some of the posts on this blog. ;)).  So while I can see my party in my mind's eye, pulling it off will be a test - especially when I have to clean and declutter my house plus get everything ready in a day.  Go me!  On one hand, I have almost everything I need already as I am using my own dishes, silverware, and jars as drinking cups.  On the other hand, I have to borrow tables and an ez up from a friend and hunt down some table cloths.  I have more than enough napkins for the kiddo and I, but for ten people?  I don't think so.

Luckily, one of the pieces of fabric from the garage sale looks perfect for a table cloth.  It's a bit long, so I'll have to fold it in half, but it's a beautiful blue and doesn't need to be hemmed.  I think it makes the table look classy.  Let's hope that works outside too. 

My plates, jars, and other pieces will all be set out in my picnic baskets with jars of sun tea, pitchers of drinks, and potluck food.

Tonight I have to finish up some more napkins, and go thrifting just in case I find something awesome.  I need to count my knives and jars to make sure I have enough, then make sure all the paper labels are off the jars. 

I'm excited, a little nervous, and trying to figure out just what I am going to make for food.  It's a potluck.  Do you know any good recipes for a summer picnic?

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