Friday, August 26, 2011

Create: A Box of My Own

With the ArtVend machine now on hand and getting ready to make it's big debut, I need to get working on my crafting.  A little less important than the crafts is the container they are going to be displayed in. 

I have a surplus of FedEx envelopes and cardboard and work and home.  I just can't seem to throw them away.  They are useful.  Now, they are making themselves even more useful by volunteering to hold my items for the ArtVend.  For this project, all you really need is thin cardboard (FedEx enveopes, cereal boxes, kleenex boxes) and glue or tape. 

I took a look at the sizes for the vending machine slots and guesstimated how large my items were going to be.  The first time I went through this, I thought my box would be 5"x5"x1".  But that was a little large.  The second one ended up being 4"x4"x1".  That's a little bit better size.

To start with, I mocked up what I would be cutting out so I knew how long I needed my piece of cardboard to be. 

Once that was done, I drew out my template and got to cutting out the box.  I used my pen to score along the fold lines to keep it nice and neat. 
I decided to add a window to the front flap to show off what was inside.  This is what I really like about this project.  Rather than leave it open, I decided to put a plastic facing on it.  Guess where the plastic came from?  The plastic pockets on the FedEx envelope!  Cut it just a little larger than your window and glue it into place before you fold up and glue/tape the box. 
How do you show your crafts?

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