Friday, August 19, 2011

Create: Weaving and Netting, Oh My!

At some point I will put a limit to the amount of skills I try to learn.  But for now, I’m currently trying my hand at weaving and netting.  Netting requires some form of needle or shuttle and a spacer bar.  You could use a popsicle stick or a ruler, but I decided to cut up some old cards.  While I was cutting out a spacer bar, why not cut a needle and a weaving shuttle too?

With the closing of Borders, I found myself to have yet another membership card that I would no longer need.  I also found a stash of old cards in my box of old jewelry.  What better supply to use than easy to cut plastic that stays pretty stiff?  I used a Hastings card for this set.

The instructions are pretty easy.  Hopefully not in the it’s-too-simple-I’m-confused way. 

Old plastic cards (membership, credit cards, gift cards)
Ruler (optional)

Weaving Shuttle / Netting Needle
1 – Decide how wide you want your piece to be.  I would suggest having a wider weaving shuttle.  For netting, you want your needle to be able to pass through your loops, so make sure it’s smaller than your spacer bar.  I made that mistake already, no need for you to repeat it!

2 – Mark out your line and cut with scissors.

3 – Mark out and cut out a scoop from both ends.  This will hold your yarn/thread.  Keep the edges wide enough and shallow enough so that they don’t break and spill out your yarn. 

4 – Wind with yarn/thread and away you go!

Spacer bar:
1 – Decide how wide you want  your piece to be.  I believe an inch or inch and a half is normal.

2 – Mark out your line and cut with scissors.

Go get your weaving on!  For instructions on how to make a box loom, check out my friend Kristin’s tutorial on Craft Leftovers.

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