Friday, August 12, 2011

Create: Phoenix Pouch

On the list of school supplies this year was a three hole punch pencil pouch.  The type that you could put into a binder.  Last year, I made the kiddo a plain zippered pouch that was black on the outside and red on the inside.  I felt like I needed to step it up a bit this year, and so I got to work.

I found a really nifty phoenix outline online (and can't remember where) and printed it out.  The kiddo loves phoenixes, red, and black.  It used to be armadillos, then dragons, and I remember sighing when orange was the favorite color.  Now I want things that are yellow and orange, I guess it sunk it a little too far.

I'm not going to give directions for making the actual pencil pouch because I feel I goofed several times.  Like somehow the lining was an inch or two bigger than the outside... 

Once I cut out the fabric, I chalked the design into place and went over it with a silver sharpie.  It was what I had on hand.  After consulting a couple different embroidery books, I got to work with no plan but to make it look cool.

Of course, once I got most of the way finished, we went school supply shopping and the kiddo decided he would rather have an accordion file instead of a binder.  That's cool with me since I don't have to make the holes right now.  I can always do that later.

Now I just need to make something about accordion thieves...


  1. That came out really great! Emma went through a phase last year where orange, green and purple were her favorite colors. Now she likes them all :)

  2. Thanks! Oooh, those are nifty colors.