Monday, August 15, 2011

Inspire: Fog over the Fields

One of the neat things about my week day commute is the change in the landscape.  It doesn't vary much, but from season to season, it's like a whole new world.  The first blush of green in spring is a joy, the seas of corn in summer inspire, the harvested fields of fall remind me that everything has it's time, and the snow blanket of winter reminds me to rest.  And then there is the fog.

In our humidity and heat, fog will form over lakes and fields where the crops give off extra moisture.  I'm not sure on the science, but it's fantastic to look out and see a thick fog hovering over corn or the creeks.  There is often a big clear area between the fog and what is underneath it. 

The fog speaks of mystery, of the unknown, the everlasting cycle of life. 
You can't really tell here, but all that white stuff on the ground is fog.
Are you excited about your local weather systems?  Does your area do something 'weird'?

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