Monday, August 1, 2011

Inspire: It's School Season

The school season is upon us… and I am not ready.

I keep thinking the stores are putting their stuff out early and I need to wait for it to go on sale.  I keep thinking I have a whole month to go before my kiddo starts 6th grade and his first year at Middle School.  In real life, school starts on August 18th.   I only have a few weeks left before the daily rigor of classes start again. 

I remember when I was a kid, I got a few new clothes, new shoes, and new supplies.  I loved and hated school supply shopping.  I knew we didn’t have much money and so I would pine for the nifty supplies and would only ask for the basic necessities.  My grandma would often let me get a couple neat folders, though.  I think my obsession with stationary supplies stems from this. 

When I go shopping for my kiddo, I tend to do the same thing.  I let him pick a couple neat folders or notebooks but we keep it cheap because I’m normally broke.  But, being crafty, I normally like to do something special for him.  In his old school, supplies were shared so there wasn’t much to be crafty about but not so in him new school.

Last year, we grabbed a binder from a garage sale and covered it in duct tape and a Naruto picture. And  I made him a red and black pencil pouch.  This year he needs a pencil pouch that can clip into a binder and gym clothes.  While I don’t plan on making gym clothes, I think I might make him a biohazard bag to hold them.

Are you ready for the school season?  If you don’t have kids, are you psyched for the sales?


  1. I remember the stress of getting ready for the new school year. We were in the same boat, and I had to share with my 2 sisters.

    My 4 favorite types of stores are 1. Book stores (though I usually just borrow from the library), 2. Office supply stores 3. Craft stores, 4. Home improvement stores.

    Not always in that order :)

    We plan to home school so, thankfully, we don't have to worry about that crazy stuff!

  2. Those are my favorite stores too! There's something about hardware stores...