Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Write: Slowly Towards Camp

Camp NaNo started on Monday and I've only written a thousand words.  Last night I should have written over three thousand words.  This weekend I’m not going to have time to write which will put me even farther behind.  Does it bother me to be so far behind at the beginning?  Not really.  My main goal is just to be working on my novel.

Last November, I wrote every morning on the van to work in my notebook – longhand, in pen.  When I got home, I continued writing.  But my story got lost and I could never find what I was looking for. 

This year, I’m typing and saving myself the trouble of counting out the words myself.  As I can’t take my laptop on the van (or can I?), I’m going to be saving the mornings for working on other projects.  I’m hoping that dividing it out this way will help me find a pattern of writing time outside the hectic rush of NaNo. 

Because of these changes, I’m not too worried about my word count.  I didn’t write more than fifty words Monday, so I wrote a thousand words last night in an hour.  And I think they are pretty good words too.  Do I still need to go back and add in some stuff?  Probably.  But I have the first scene done and I’m happy I realized how to break to the next scene. 

I’m hoping to write Thursdays through Tuesdays since I have meetings every Wednesday.  Plus one Monday meeting.  That gives me twenty three days of writing this month.  Yikes.  To reach the goal of 50,000 words, my personal daily goal is 2330 words a day.  Do I think I can manage this?  Probably.  I’m sure I’ll get some writing in on those marked off days to ease the burden a bit.

Do you have a daily word goal in your writing?  Maybe you have a daily goal in your art or music?  How do you structure your time for your goals? 

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