Monday, November 7, 2011

Inspire: Community Gathering

One of the things I am thankful for is my community. defines Community as:

Community never has one definition for me.  Like those listed above, I have a local arts community, a religious community, a writing community, and a community of friends.  Each community is different and unique.  I am thankful that each community welcomes me and makes me feel a part of it. 

I recently attended my second Iowa Poetry Associationworkshop.  Poets gather together to hear two critics go over the poems they have sent in.  The critics give praise and constructive criticism on how to make the poem better.  No names are included and only you, and the organizer, know who belongs to which poem.  I know a couple of people in the group, but mostly these are all brand new people to me.  Both times, I have been welcomed and made to feel like I belonged.  For someone still dealing with severe shyness issues, that welcome made a world of difference.

While my local arts community, Ames, is a lot of work, it is just as much fun.  Where else could I paint a mural one year and then create an art vending machine the next?  Getting together with other creative types helps keep me motivated and enthusiastic about my own ideas.

As I’ve been solitary for most of my life, it is a huge relief to have a community of people who share my religious beliefs.  The Pagan group I am in gives me the strength of knowing that, yes, other people do believe the same thing.  The UU helps me live by my ethics and morals, and gives me another voice that says I’m not alone. 
I don’t know how I managed before without my communities.

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